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Observations of the Girl

The original Anna: no wings, no grace to speak of

11 October
My full user was to be Aurelia Carlisle, but apparently that's too long for LJ so it's just a_carlisle. It comes from 3 of my fandoms: Angel, BtVS, and Twilight. While the Twilight series isn't my favorite as it is, the fanfic makes up for it.
Aurelia comes from the vampire line of Aurelian. Members of this line include Angel(us)and William the Bloody(Spike).
Carlisle is from The name of the Cullen's creator, Carlisle Cullen. He is one of my favorite characters because he had the hardest time becoming a vampire and I think he's even better for it.

I've only been writing fanfiction (and posting it)since early summer of '08.
I write Buffy and Supernatural fics. I have one Spn/Twilight crossover that got me into GSA. I hoping to expand my writing to other fandoms in the future(or create my own damn characters), but until then I'll be writing the usual or readin some Walterverse by blackdoggy1.